Mangia: Not Your Average Pizza Delivery

When you think of pizza delivery, you probably think of basic cheese and pepperoni pizzas that have most likely been sitting in a warmer for the past six hours. The pizzas come in a squished-up box with grease staining every inch of the interior. You take a bite and are not surprised to find the crust to be slightly stale. You sigh, thinking, there has to be a better option for pizza delivery near me.

When it comes to new york pizza delivery, there’s no reason to settle. There is no doubt that New York is the pizza capital of the United States. In fact, America’s first pizza shop opened in Manhattan’s Little Italy neighborhood way back in 1905. Unlike the majority of the country, New York has kept the Italian spirit alive in the craft and quality of our pizzas. And what’s the best New York restaurant to get pizza delivery the Italian way? ‒ Mangia!

Every pizza at Mangia is made fresh to deliver. We use organic ingredients that are bright and fragrant, providing full flavor for every bite. This includes our organic sourdough thin crust, which feeds and ferments for a whopping eight days before we flattened and baked into a perfectly crispy and flavorful crust.



Sourdough bread has risen in popularity due to its unique flavor and benefits. Since sourdough is a prolonged fermentation process, it provides an exquisite zest that better compliments the acids and fats of a quality-made pizza. Heavier fermentation also makes sourdough easier on the digestive system than conventional bread, along with the added benefit of prebiotics and probiotics naturally occurring in a well-fed dough. So, if you struggle with an upset stomach or feeling bloated after eating pizza, give our deluxe pizzas a try!

For elevated pizza delivery in New York, Mangia maintains three restaurants in Manhattan,

allowing us to deliver quickly and efficiently, and ensuring that your pizza will be as fresh as can be. Plus, not only can you get healthy and easy pizza delivery, but a host of other delicious options as well. You’ll find a loaded menu with plenty of sandwich and salad options, as well as coffee and tea for an extra pick-me-up.

Are you looking to step up your pizza delivery into a fully-catered service? Mangia has you covered. We can deliver a full lunch spread for the office or cater an entire event. There’s no need to worry about what to get when it’s your turn to be in charge of food. Mangia has something for everyone and will keep your friends, coworkers, or family happy to get a high-quality and delicious meal!

Additionally, all of our locations have a quick-stop café style, wherein you can grab a coffee and a slice in minutes. So if you’re looking to venture out rather than stay in and order local pizza delivery, be sure to stop by to enjoy our relaxing and laid-back Italian atmosphere. Our pizza slices are just a dollar apiece and are just as well-made as whole pies. As always, you’ll taste our Italian-imported olive oil, homemade mozzarella cheese, and exquisitely spiced tomato sauce.