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Mangia’s baristas are trained on offering you the best experience in a cup.

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Magic taste, unforgettable aroma and iconic eco-friendly cups to-go.

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Anyone who drinks coffee knows that taste is far more important than branding or pricing. Choosing the right cup of coffee can be the start of a great day, so come to Mangia for your morning dose of caffeine. As one of the best coffee shops in New York, Mangia offers a variety of coffee drinks at all three of our Manhattan locations, made by professional baristas. Order a quick cup of cappuccino to go, or stay and enjoy a delicious latte and fresh pastries from Mangia  bakery.



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Mangia NYC offers exceptional coffee activations for various events, ensuring a memorable and unique coffee experience. Partnering with Devocion, they provide the freshest coffee, roasted within 10 days of harvest. Their services include professional barista setups, La Marzocco Espresso machines, and cold brew options. Mangia NYC’s mobile coffee carts, customizable for personal branding, cater to 15 to 250 guests, while their premium coffee bars serve up to 5,000 guests. They offer a range of beverages and light snacks, with options for personalized cups and napkins to enhance the event’s exclusivity.
For more details, visit Mangia NYC Coffee Activations.

Skilled artists at Mangia’s Coffee Shop

At Mangia, our baristas are fluent in the art of great coffee.

We only use high-quality coffee beans from La Colombe and state-of-the-art machines. Whether you want an amazing macchiato or the perfect espresso, our baristas will make it for you in a New York minute!

Once you have a coffee from our  coffee shop, you might never make an at-home version again!


From origin to your cup as fast as 10 days

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