How To Choose The Right Business Lunch Menu?

Mar 31, 2021

Business lunch menu

The world of modern business is fast-paced and does not tolerate the slightest delays. Therefore, a modern businessperson or office worker pays much more attention to their appearance than their own nutrition. Although this is fundamentally wrong. Snacks “on the run”, cold fast food, a cup of coffee – this is what the residents of the big cities mostly “eat”. Although one of the possible options for both full-value meals and negotiations with partners is a healthy business lunch. Most businessmen know for sure that not only a profitable business offer, but also delicious treats, a decent welcome and high-quality service will help to appease business partners.

Business Lunch Menu

Business Lunch Menu

Often this is the most suitable format for communication in a business setting and, above all, this means eating in the daytime – from 12pm to 5pm. Moreover, it can be carried out both directly in the office and in an “outdoor” format, for example, in a cafe or restaurant. When choosing a restaurant for such a responsible event, you should be guided not only by the variety of the menu, but also by the service, the availability of free seats, and the ability to conduct a private conversation. In addition, try to choose a place that is familiar to you – in order to feel yourself more confident, especially if this is the first or important meeting with a partner. The success of the results of the negotiations may well depend on this.


Types of business lunches

As for the business lunch menu itself, it is better to choose something standard for such meetings. Without exotic products that require the ability to handle special cutlery – it is better to reserve such a menu for a gala dinner or lunch on the occasion of a successful agreement of a major deal. If the partner is a foreigner, it would be quite appropriate to offer him national dishes. The standard and most common menu for a business lunch usually includes:

  • cold appetizers,
  • soup,
  • meat or fish (with a side dish),
  • bread,
  • tea or coffee,
  • juice or fruit drink,
  • sometimes dessert.


Alcohol is not welcome at business lunch. An interesting feature of such a menu, whether there will be a meeting in a restaurant or a cafe, or whether it will be business lunch delivery to the office, is a fixed price, although the menu options may be different – with different salads or a different main course. The choice is always up to the client. Again, properly selected and prepared dishes for a business lunch will not only be beautiful, tasty and fresh (regardless of the location), but also useful, and the price will not change upward.

In general, arranging a business lunch still pursues the goal of a business meeting, and actually eating is an opportunity to feel yourself in a calmer and more comfortable environment.

A business lunch menu sample for any company is fairly standard, since all meals and snacks are served in a specific order. Before a business breakfast, it is allowed to serve cocktails or dessert wines, as well as add fruits, nuts and sweets to the table.

In addition to the standard set of dishes during business lunch hours, guests can be offered a few more additional options. The traditional end of a business lunch is the serving of tea or coffee with sweet desserts or fresh pastries.

Weekly business lunch recipes are quite diverse, but standard dishes are traditionally combined to create a business breakfast menu:

  • Light vegetable salads, with cheeses, chicken or eggs;
  • Snacks from vegetables, cheese, gourmet sausages, seafood;
  • Hearty first courses (soups, broths, pickles);
  • Hot dishes with the addition of pork, chicken, beef, fish, with a variety of side dishes;
  • Fresh pastries: muffins, pies with different fillings, puffs, pies, etc.


In order to successfully create a lunch menu and invite service personnel for the upcoming business lunch, it is worth planning in advance where the business lunch will be held, roughly determining the duration of the event and the number of guests.

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