What is Corporate Catering and the Various Types of Corporate Catering Services?

Catering companies offer a variety of catering services to a wide range of clients. Corporate companies also require catering services for hosting events and functions in the offices or outside. Corporate catering offers food and drinks to organizations’ employees and teams during such occasions at favorable costs. The type of catering service and the number of people involved will always determine the company’s budget. Every company aims at hiring a corporate catering company that is experts at handling both elegant and relaxed events. Companies that have specialized in corporate catering are the best to contact.

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Employees appreciate breakfast or lunch offered by a company during meetings or official gatherings. For this reason, you need to know the various options provided by corporate catering companies that will be suitable for the type of gathering you are holding. Below are different types of corporate catering offered to organizations.

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  1. Buffet Services

The buffet-style of catering is suitable for office functions that involve a large group of people. A buffet catering service for a large group will cost you less compared to packaged means for each and every individual in attendance. Corporate catering will ensure that all of your employees are well fed and taken care of during the event since they plan for all the guests. They can also consider those who are allergic to certain foods by including various options in the buffet. The employees also get to choose what they prefer.

  1. Personal Order

Individual orders or packages are preferred for corporate meetings with very few people attending. The corporate company will provide each and every employee or staff with the chance to select what they want from their menu. The organization can also choose to place a order for each employee by choosing a standard meal package that everyone will eat with exceptions for those with allergies and other food concerns.

  1. Delivery Food Truck

Corporate meetings sometimes take place in open air locations or under tents. Such an event may require a corporate catering company that can provide open air food services such as a food truck. You can book a food truck to serve people during the event. The truck service can also cater for a large group of people.

  1. Platter Order

Corporate catering companies can also offer platters that are composed of a combination of foods. Platters are made of different foods in the same category and can be shared by a number of people. Each platter is usually priced reasonably and gives your guests a chance to experience types of food at the same time.

  1. Pop-up Restaurants

A popup restaurant option is whereby a catering company gives your employees a wide menu to select various dishes from. The company will send a staff member to collect each employee’s choice of food and later on deliver them to the office. The pop-up restaurant will help your company save time that could have been used moving around and going to a restaurant location.


Corporate companies recognize the benefits and need for working with a reputable corporate catering company. One of the best choices in these terms will be Mangia catering.

Meetings and functions require the provision of either breakfast or lunch to employees at an affordable cost. Engaging caterer will simplify the meal services for both crucial events and just offering meals to staff.

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