Outdoor Wedding Catering

Every year brings new trends to weddings celebrations. They become radically different in their sophistication and originality. More and more new things appear, including new traditions. The celebrations outside the city, in natural conditions, are gaining popularity. Presentable premises are fading into the background. This type of celebration is especially suitable for the warm season. To implement this idea, a manor house, a picturesque lakeshore, a meadow in the suburbs would be good options. The wedding ceremony can also be moved to the place of the celebration.

Often a kitchen is not provided for this kind of place. Of course, it is very difficult to organize a feast on your own. Therefore, ordering a wedding catering service is the right decision.

Mangia’s Catering can arrange an event serving in the open air, as well as in absolutely any place you prefer. All the details of the planned event are discussed in detail with the customer in advance.

What does wedding catering mean?

  1. Delivery of food products, ready meals, various drinks to a banquet.
  2. Delivery, installation of furniture items necessary for the celebration.
  3. Dish allocation and setting of celebration tables.
  4. The work of the service personnel.
  5. Leasing of equipment (amplifiers, generators, etc.).
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Mangia’s Wedding Catering can implement any of the tasks that are included in the organization of an off-site banquet. All the client needs – is to discuss time & place, event size, number of people, and menus with one of our managers. Professionals who know how to organize the perfect banquet will solve all other questions.

The cost of wedding catering services

Each service has its own cost, wedding catering is no exception. These factors affect the overall price:  

  • the number of guests
  • banquet menu
  • rental of furniture units, tableware, equipment
  • decoration of the celebration
  • the number of involved personnel
  • additional assistants in wedding organizing

More often than not, wedding catering services exceed the price, for example, a feast in a reputable restaurant. But it’s worth it because is professionally arranged catering will be fundamentally different in scale and impressions received. Therefore, the services provided by Mangia’s catering are very beneficial for the customer for each of the parameters.

Benefits of Mangia’s Wedding Catering

  1. The main advantage is an individual approach. This means that the organizers will take into account all the wishes of the newlyweds and create a unique atmosphere suitable for the clients.
  2. Another of the main advantages is uniqueness. This kind of wedding celebration will amaze guests with a venue, an unusual idea; no matter will it be an open-air or indoor banquet hall celebration.
  3. The next advantage is professionalism in event organizing. Mangia always provides the highest event level, regardless of its format.

If you have difficulties finding the best place to spend your celebration, it is not a big issue. Mangia’s agents will certainly help with the choice, offer their list of possible options, and give recommendations on the design of the chosen site.

When you want to make a unique original wedding to impress guests, save your efforts and just please yourself, you should contact the professionals in their field – Mangia’s catering specialists.

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