The Need to Cater for Events: Mangia’s Twelve Proven Planning Tips

Event planning and finding the right caterer are critical to the success of any occasion. However, planning should not overshadow the event itself. Mangia Corporate Catering serves breakfast or lunch for any office gathering of six or more people, and with over four decades of experience, the iconic New York City eatery knows what works best when it comes to catering for events and important occasions. Here are twelve of Mangia’s tried-and-true planning tips.

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  1. Plan – Begin making plans as soon as possible. Everything will run smoothly on the day of your event if you avoid leaving key elements until the last minute.
  2. Gather Information from the Guests About Any Allergies or Dietary Restrictions – Knowing about any food allergies or other key details ahead of time, such as whether any of your guests are vegetarian or require Gluten-free options, will help with menu selection, and avoid problems at the event. Mangia provides a wide range of food choices and collaborates closely with you to ensure that your guests’ dietary needs are met.

    The need to cater for events

    The need to cater for events

  3. Leave the Menu Design to the Experts – Hiring a caterer means enlisting the assistance of professionals. The Mangia catering team is skilled and ready to create the ideal menu for you.
  4. Think Ahead as If You Are a Guest – By putting yourself in your guest’s shoes, you will notice details you might not have noticed otherwise. You will also dazzle and impress your guests because they will recognize the thought and consideration you have put into planning.
  5. Make Sure Labeling Is Included – According to Mangia’s experts, clear labeling keeps your guests from being confused about what to choose.
  6. Do not Be Stingy – The adage applies to event catering. You get what you pay for.
  7. Choose Glassware & Silverware – Real glassware and silverware are always preferable to disposable utensils and add a touch of elegance to any event.
  8. Keep the Drinks Cold – Guests will welcome a cold beverage that is actually cold. Similarly, they will appreciate it when the hot beverages are hot. Details are important.
  9. Do Not Forget the Ice – See number 8. Your guests will be thankful if you remember to keep it cool.
  10. Hire Professional Servers – The Mangia Catering team understands how important good bar service and staffing are to the success of an event. Hiring skilled servers will help you avoid mishaps or service delays. Your guests should not notice the servers, but if they are not up to standard, they will.
  11. Pay Attention to the Décor – The flow of the space, lighting, and décor all contribute to an event’s ambiance. You will want to pay attention to these details to ensure they are all working together to produce the best results.
  12. Ensure that No Garbage is Left Lying Around – Nothing detracts more from an event’s elegance than debris left lying around. Keep things tidy, and your guests will have a wonderful time.



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