The Best Office Catering In NYC

The Best Office Catering in NYC

Catering for the entire office or corporate gathering is usually either poor quality or grotesquely expensive. Well, what if we told you that Mangia office catering is neither of those? Mangia is New York’s premier Italian restaurant with three locations around the city. Without sacrificing quality, our catering options are delivered to you quickly, ensuring each organic ingredient remains fresh and crisp and entrees remain warm and juicy.

Our beautifully curated meals are ideal for breakfasts, lunches, or snacks. The Mangia breakfast and lunch boxes are a simple and cleanly way to distribute a healthy meal to everyone in the office. We include plenty of options that can be gluten-free, dairy-free, and of course, healthy for the body and mind!

Office Catering

Office Catering

Breakfast Lunch Boxes

Our breakfast boxes come with three options. Box 1 includes a breakfast sandwich and drink. Box 2 comes with a mini pastry, yogurt or fruit salad, and drink. And box 3 contains a tartine and a drink. To keep your options aplenty, our menu features three different sandwich varieties, three different open-face tartines, three different drink choices, and two different pastry varieties.

Our lunch boxes also contain three distinct options. Box 1 includes a sandwich and a side salad. Box 2 contains an entree, side salad, treat, and drink. And box 3 features our fresh and tasty market bowl, a treat, and a drink. You’ll find six different sandwich options on our menu with two delicious vegetarian options. We also offer three different kinds of salad and three colorful entree options.

Mangia’s boxed breakfast and lunch provide a world of suitable choices for almost every diet restriction and health obligation! Our boxes keep the delivery of each meal organized and sanitary while also ensuring that each individual gets a healthy and satisfying meal.

Event Catering in New York

Not only can we provide you freshly boxed meals, but we can cater entire events! We specialize in premium food and bar services for corporate events, weddings, parties, and more! Mangia has hosted events for LVMH, Estee Lauder, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Twitter, Yahoo, Sony, JP Morgan, and more. We will happily host your event at one of our locations or the location of your choosing. Either way, the food and drink will be delicious and fresh!

We offer the best office catering in NYC because of the wide variety of our menus and the professionalism and care that we bring to each gathering. Providing meals that use diverse ingredients and are nourishing elevates your meeting or event and shows each attendee that you care. Having delicious food creates a pleasant atmosphere for both colleagues and clients, creating more engagement, joy, and better outcomes for social gatherings of all kinds.

There’s no reason to settle on heavy, greasy food because it’s easy and convenient. Mangia’s office food delivery remains affordable and quick while keeping each meal fresh and sanitary. Contact us for a consultation today to create the perfect boxed delivery order or catered event!

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