Seasonal Catering

Aug 5, 2021

Catering services, like almost all modern types of services, depend on the season. For example, the demand for catering services is largely determined by the holidays in the yearly calendar. In addition, weather conditions also affect catering – service on days with bad weather is limited to organizing coffee breaks, providing lunches and cocktails parties at various indoor premises. Therefore, any catering service can distinguish its’ operation into three main seasons.

Seasonal Catering NYC

Seasonal Catering NYC

Catering In Winter

The theme and form of catering and catering services are constantly changing. This is because catering services largely depend on public or corporate holidays, as well as favorable weather for organizing, for example, outdoor weddings and anniversaries.

At the same time, during certain periods, catering as an off-site service is in almost the same demand. In particular, such popular holidays as New Year and Christmas are celebrated in winter. In these two months, catering (serving banquets and buffet tables) reaches its peak and fully loads specialized companies with work. This period accounts for up to 30% of annual orders.

Catering Services During Spring and Summer

After the winter holidays, catering services are most often used from late spring to mid-autumn. At this time, people arrange outdoor parties, corporate events, weddings, picnics and so on. This period accounts for about 50% of annual orders.

Another 20-25% falls on the period from late February to April and from mid-October to early December. At this time, the catering service is most often used for arranging:

  • seminars;
  • exhibitions;
  • press conferences;
  • business trainings, etc.

“Mangia New York” is professionally engaged in organizing catering. Contact one of Mangia’s catering managers and they will do their best for quick and efficient event arrangement, planning and organization.  


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