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Our One Of A Kind Easter Menu

This year, it’s ok for the Easter Bunny to take Easter off. At Mangia, in addition to our usual gourmet menu, we’ll have a special Easter holiday menu available at all three locations.

easter mangia menu

easter mangia menu

Gone are the days of chocolate coins inside plastic eggs as your lone source of yummy treats on Easter. Come on by and take a look at our amazing selection of cookies, cupcakes, macaroons, cakes and tarts.

Our 24/7 bakery will be switching gears for the holiday for sweets and treats that you can share with your entire family. We know we’ll never beat Grandma’s cookies and cupcakes, but let her have a taste. We’re always open for ways to improve!

Bring the kids and let them have the choice of which hand painted Easter cookie design they’d like to eat. We’ll have the choice of either an Easter Bunny or Easter Egg design, but rest assured, they’re equally delicious.

We love bringing our customers a product that really shows how much effort we put into our craft. We feel our hand painted cookies do that trick. Sometimes the care that goes into cooking can be lost as food prep is streamlined and made faster. Taking the time to hand paint a design that will bring a smile to someone’s face gives us a feeling that is second to none.

Our delectable mix of mini cupcakes is also sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face- more specifically the taste buds located in the face. With raspberry, vanilla, lemon and chocolate cupcake flavors in this six piece box, everyone can have a little taste of their favorite flavor. This would be the perfect decision for anybody looking for an easter weekend date dessert.

For the more world traveled folks, we have an awe inspiring assortment of macaroons. For the coconut lovers, we have coconut macaroon nests with caramel ganache. Cookies and milk? That’s so Christmas. Macaroons and ganache? Now that’s a spring treat anybody would love. Not a fan of coconut? We’ll also have an assorted mix of pistachio, lemon and vanilla macaroons.

Rounding out our lineup, we want you to back to the old days of sharing a post meal pie or cake with every member of your family. We have a nine inch fruit tart with pastry cream filling. And yes, we know Aunt Edna doesn’t like fruit tarts, that’s why we have her favorite ten inch chocolate cheesecake topped with a chocolate ganache drip. Yes, Aunt Edna, you’re welcome.

For those peach lovers, we have a raspberry peach cake with peach filling and raspberry whipped cream. And finally, to round out our menu, we have an offering to the easter bunny himself- an unparalleled carrot cake with brown butter cream cheese frosting. This carrot cake is so good, everybody will be claiming they’re Peter Cottontail.

We certainly hope you’ll be able to join us this Easter. Bring your family, bring your friends, and our family at Mangia will show you some Easter treats that will make this day a special memory for a long time to come.