Original Corporate Catering Ideas

Original Corporate Catering Ideas

corporate catering ideas

Corporate Catering Ideas

When arranging a corporate or office event, most people turn to office catering services to make the event memorable and original. The right corporate catering can make your event successful, but it’s important to choose a service that can translate modern dining trends into a unique experience that will satisfy every guest. Here are a few corporate catering ideas to help inspire you for your next event.

Eco-Friendly Catering

“Going green” has become one of the biggest trends in dining, so you might want to choose an eco-friendly catering service. Look for companies that use locally sourced ingredients, serve seasonal dishes, and offer plenty of vegetarian options. Using local meats and produce when they are in season reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gases needed to produce and transport the food. You can also look for eco-oriented catering services that avoid using plastic and styrofoam and instead use compostable, biodegradable, or reusable products for packaging and tableware.

Italian-style Catering

Every good Italian meal starts with antipasti, which can be a great way to serve a large group of guests. These Italian snack plates make beautiful spreads that can fill a table with a festive array of simple but delicious bites. An antipasto table is also a versatile option, since it can work as the main course or as a first course before a buffet or banquet. Antipasti are perfect for a more social event, as guests are encouraged to mingle and enjoy drinks while they nibble on a variety of small plates.

Asian Fusion Catering

Satisfy a wide range of diets with a combination of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine. Get creative with your spread with options from dumplings to spicy wings to sushi and rolls and everything in between. Sushi platters are not only a crowd-pleasing favorite, but they also make a great aesthetic choice as an impressive spread for your table.