Original Corporate Catering Ideas

Mar 31, 2021

Popular Corporate Catering Ideas

When people are going to arrange any kind of corporate or office event, they think about “How to make it in such a way that it will be remembered and noticed?” How to stand out by making your office event successful and original? A lot of companies engaged in offering office catering services also offer solutions for these issues. The answer is simple: it is important to find ideas that are in tune with the modern trends, and can satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding guests. And what are those suggestions, if we mean corporate catering ideas?

corporate catering ideas

Corporate Catering Ideas

Organic or eco catering

The words organic and eco-friendly catering are associated with benefits and modern trends, this is purity and positive, the life position of many people. And the direction in service and nutrition, created in this vein, will certainly be in demand. It should reflect a healthy lifestyle, which is now very relevant. Eco-oriented catering is also the right approach to the menu and the composition of the dishes.

Wellness diets and proper nutrition, recreational activities and other such trends dictate dietary changes themselves. Therefore, if you plan to organize a thematic outdoor recreation, participate in presentations of products of beauty and health industry, organize fitness clubs/yoga centers events, and other similar institutions, such a topic will be in great demand.

How it looks

A catering menu of this format should be balanced and meet all the norms of a healthy diet. It should include simple healthy dishes that will be tasty and original. If specific examples are needed, this can be beet paste, for example, with a creamy sauce. During the cooking process, the beets are baked and mashed with a blender.

Italian style catering idea

The cordiality and warmth of the Italian land prompted caterers to create a unique antipasti stations. The main idea is the abundance of all kinds of snacks, presented in such a way as to cover the entire surface of the table. The table, as one great festive dish, encourages people to enjoy drinks, food and companionship.

Antipasti are Italian snacks, without which no Italian meal is inconceivable. Spicy, aromatic, colorful, varied and yet very easy to make.

Usually, you can order it as a separate service or complement any event, such as a buffet table, welcome before a banquet or a barbecue.

Asian cloud direction

This is one of the new directions in catering , the menu of which is created by combining traditional cuisine with Chinese food. In this version, sets are formed, consisting of light dishes in the form of pancakes with different fillings, sushi and rolls, as well as served meat tempura with various side dishes and seafood. This also includes spicy wings and small kebabs from poultry, meat and seafood, from tofu.

It doesn’t matter how many items are in the assortment, they must keep their quality and presentable appearance. And for such a task, sushi cases are suitable. Small showcases will decorate the table, keeping dishes fresh.

Local product traditions

Nowadays it is in vogue for restaurants to have their own garden plantings. And the demand for such products is great, especially among food-savvy customers. In the USA, such a reception will be the opportunity that will surprise your guests and make an office party really pleasant for them. Fresh herbs from the garden are a good option, which is now relevant.

Modern conditions make it possible to attract useful resources when creating an outdoor event of any format. This includes fresh products from the organic garden, only plucked fruits, and supplies of cheese, milk, butter and other products from the farm. At any buffet table and banquet, at a business breakfast, a vegetable plate, like cheese cuts, side dishes are in great demand.

Technical means

Cooking vegetables in large quantities requires professional equipment, it will help to cope with the task. So choose preferably a large catering company that can afford buying options that can work not only with vegetables and fruits, but also with cheeses and meat. To ensure the grade of a potential caterer for your event, check whether they have professional chefs, high-quality equipment and a well-thought-out menu. Also, don’t forget about the quality of the service.

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