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Mangia’s Grazing Tables

Mangia, the premier networks of Italian restaurants in New York City, has offered catering for quite some time. Private events, corporate events, or parties – it doesn’t matter! Mangia has you covered for high class catering in New York City. Now, the awesome team here at Mangia is offering one of the latest, trendy catering formats in the culinary world – grazing tables!

Mangias Grazing Tables

Mangias Grazing Tables

What is a grazing table?

A grazing table is basically a charcuterie table. Take the idea of a charcuterie board, an assortment of cured meats, cheeses, crackers and other snackable finger foods and expand it to the size of a dining table. That idea can then be scaled based on the number of folks attending the event.

Grazing tables are a great way to to celebrate any birthday, wedding or anniversary. They even fit in perfectly for corporate events, holiday parties, or any other large scale company events.

Our team here at Mangia want to make sure that your grazing table is a perfect fit for your guests and events. Contact us not only for a custom quote, but also to customize the layout for your very own grazing table.

Why should you have a grazing table at your event?

The benefits of a grazing table are plentiful, much like the spreads you see on the grazing tables themselves. Grazing tables are more cost efficient, more extravagant and more interesting than a normal catering situation for most events.

Grazing tables can be a cost effective alternative to catering full meals. If an event has several course meals planned, there will be a fixed cost per plate per person. And sometimes guests don’t always finish their plates, leading to wasted food and money. On the other hand, if an event has a grazing table instead, guests will be able to come up to the table and feed themselves from a more cost efficient spread. Less wasted food and less easted money leads to happier folks all around!

Also, let’s be honest, grazing tables are also extremely pleasing to look at. A magnificent spread of food reminiscent of a midevile king’s coronation is sure to have guests clamoring for an instagrammable pic before the feast begins.

Grazing tables are also highly customizable. Whereas most catering options are very limited, with only a few choices of a main dish and a few options for sides, the combinations of food are limited. With a huge array of different types of delectable, grazing tables give nearly countless options are easily interchangeable. Grazing tables’ easy customizable nature mean that your guests are more likely to come away from your event happier that they got to choose exactly what and how much they were served, because the did it themselves.

We here at Mangia look forward to hearing about your catering needs for your next event. No matter the size, event type, or setting, a customizable grazing table is the perfect fit for nearly every event. We look forward to hearing from you soon!