Our Philosophy of Food

Oct 4, 2016


Our philosophy of food is simple: we respect each ingredient and only source the best, we are “geeks” for presentation and we believe that delicious food doesn’t need to be complicated. We are passionate about creating memorable experiences out of flavor alone; we create dishes so we can transport our guests on a journey from New York City to the least known corners of Italy. Most of all, we are absolute foodies through and through.

Having grown up in the Mangia business, I can vouch that we are a team of hard-working individuals who take pride in what we do and serve. When I walk into a Mangia store I see some of the same smiling faces I saw as a kid after school years ago. In this rapidly changing world, it’s awe-inspiring to me that we’ve kept our doors open for 35 years. But the reason is simple: it’s because we love what we do, which is to feed New Yorkers!

There is a sea of change happening nowadays at Mangia. We are diligently working to update our technology, refresh our interiors, improve our customer service, craft enticing new dishes and importantly, continue to raise the “culinary bar” regarding our catering, events and in-store offerings. This new website is just one of the projects that we’ve been working on behind the scenes…

Our intention for this blog is to create a space that is an extension of and a peek at all the work that goes into being New York’s go-to caterer and gourmet, casual dining spot. We will be sharing recipes, tips and tricks for the at-home chef, and most of all, our creativity.

Stay tuned!

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