Our Favorite Kombucha

Jan 11, 2020

Kombucha (komm-bouu-chaaa). It seems to be on everyone’s tongue these days! With a tangy, sweet, yet acquired taste, this fizzy fermented tea has created a buzz on the American market for the last couple of years. And no wonder why, with companies promoting the drink to be packed with probiotics, a key to healthy metabolism and natural wellbeing.

So, we decided to break it down for you, what benefits can kombucha give you and your health?

It can help you cut down on high-sugar beverages
With a beverage centric culture, many Americans have a significant daily intake of added sugars found in their drinks. By opting out processed drinks like iced teas, sodas or juices from concentrate to consuming kombuchas, one can regulate the calorie intake significantly. With a variety of flavor options from our partner, the local AND organic certified Bears Fruit, one can enjoy a clean kombucha without any added sugars or funny stuff. Just fruit, tea & fermented kombucha culture.

Kombucha can help regulate your metabolism
With probiotics being the main component, these little microorganisms are healthy bacteria that help the gut to break down fiber. To be able to digest fiber is vital, for the metabolism to process our energy intake properly. Studies have also shown that probiotics may help balance the healthy bacteria families in the gut, which is also associated with healthy body weight.

Strengthen immune system
As mentioned above, the body needs a healthy gut to stay resilient! For anyone with a busy lifestyle, our bodies might need a little extra help to fight off infections, where a daily intake of kombucha can help to maintain in stressful times. The key comes from creating a good environment for the bacteria in our bellies, where this harmony promotes more healthy antibodies to help us fight colds, fatigue & stress. Being a natural source of caffeine from green or black tea, it’s also a natural booster for our overall energy throughout the day.

It is known as a skin enhancer in the beauty industry
Adding kombucha to your diet can also double as a part of your beauty routine. Containing a natural source of vitamin C and K, that is commonly found in skincare products like moisturizers, that help keep the elasticity in our skin. Beauty gurus like Jackie Aina from YouTube, swear by the kombuchas way of creating a glow from within, where improvement of skin texture has also been reported over the internet.

To sum it up, we love kombucha! We are committed to providing you with healthy options and are proud to have our partner Bears Fruit on our shelves! With exciting flavor combos and cute design, we urge you to try! (as well as recycle your kombucha bottles for water or to double as an adorable tiny vase).

With love. Always. Mangia

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