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How to Choose the Best Affordable Catering that Fits your Business Budget

Whenever businesses hold meetings or gatherings, it is most likely that they end up spending a fortune on catering services. Budgeting and staying within your limits require that you select an affordable catering company. You need to find the best affordable catering company that offers delicious office meals at low costs located near your offices. By searching best affordable catering near me, you will find several companies offering catering services. You will however need to select one from the list. Below are some tips on how to choose cheap but fulfilling catering services.

Mangias Grazing Tables

Mangias Grazing Tables

  1. Offer Breakfast Packages Throughout

Breakfast packages are usually the cheapest among all meal menus. Your whole team will be full with just a simple breakfast meal without having to spend a lot on each person’s meal. An affordable catering company should offer a breakfast serving with a variety of items. The breakfast menu should have at least some proteins, fresh fruits, baked pastries, and juice or coffee. At Mangia we offer breakfast buffet that always caters to everyone’s appetites and is quite affordable.

  1. Presents Meals in Buffet and Packages

Meals that are already packaged into boxes or disposable wraps tend to be more expensive than those served in buffets. When selecting a catering company, ensure that they provide buffet options and not strictly packed meals. You should be able to discuss with the servicing company what items to include in a buffet and ensure that a variety of foods are included. An open buffet will ensure everyone in your team enjoys, interacts, and can select which foods they prefer while being served. You may however choose to opt for packaged lunch boxes for meetings that have few people since it will be more affordable and buffets for large gatherings.

  1. Sensible Portions for Everyone

Staying on a budget does not have to mean that your employees get little unsatisfactory meals. The best catering company will ensure that the portions offered are enough for every person. You do not want to provide very little portions or extreme amounts leading to wastage. As you make your order, always be keen in describing what quality, portions, and costs you are targeting. At Mangia, we do our best to fulfil all your needs.

  1. Reasonable Bar Serving Ideas

Some office meetings and events include alcohol serving. You need a catering company that will be able to provide both food and drinks. The best company should handle various events and ensure all your team members are satisfied. Choose drink options that will help stay within your budget. You can choose one type of drink serving for everyone such as cocktails and maybe beers.

Be assured that Mangia catering company will therefore provide you with a list of what is entailed in their bar serving for effective cost control.

  1. Offers Various Package Deals

An all-inclusive business package can be way expensive to hire. Just simple casual catering is cheaper but does not provide you with service staff to take care of your team. You should consider these options when selecting a catering company. The company needs to offer both casual service and staff service. Depending on how much you want to spend on labour costs, choose a cheaper option. Other cheaper options may also mean doing away with additional cutlery and requesting your team to self-serve.


Corporate events and office social events need you to offer catering to your teams. The budget is however always strict and requires a keen selection of a suitable catering company. For you to select the best affordable catering company, you need to know exactly what to look for in them. These strategies will help you choose a catering company that will ensure your team is satisfied and happy at the end of the event.