Oct 25, 2016

Halloween Catering with MANGIA will bring you more treats than tricks. Seasonally we bring you the best options of cookies and cupcakes to share.

In keeping with tradition, we always design a decorated sugar cookie for seasonal holidays. We have been serving them since the very beginning, about 35 years ago. They are one of my favorite cookies we bake and since they are produced only a few times a year, it makes them that much more delicious!

Baking a perfectly sweet and buttery shortbread cookie with a delicate layer of icing is something most of us equate with cookies our mothers and grandmothers made during the holidays. In our eyes, hand decorated sugar cookies have become lost art in the cookie world, most have been outsourced to big commissary bakeries and mass produced. MANGIA bakes all desserts at our 57th street location. When you come in for lunch you can smell the aromas wafting from our ovens. and watch the bakers as they quickly work to decorate dozens of cookies for our gift boxes. (Forgive us for any of the design quirks, each one is decorated by hand.)

Treats and less tricks

Halloween Catering

Seasonally we produce about three to five distinct sugar cookie designs.  This year we produced Día de Muertos skulls, cobwebs, and a traditional jack-o-lantern. Sold by the dozen or in small sachets; each comes with a matching, themed grosgrain ribbon. They are the perfect treat to send to clients or share with your desk-mate.

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Happy Halloween!

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