Discover Italian Excellence: Mangia NYC Unveils Its Beloved Pizza, Now in Gluten-Free

Mangia NYC, the iconic New York eatery, is excited to introduce its latest menu offering: an artisanal gluten-free pizza. The delicious new pizza is made of cauliflower crust and a simple blend of cheese, eggs, and a few spices baked into a golden crust topped with fresh locally sourced ingredients for only $16. In addition to the fantastic flavorful ingredients Mangia is recognized for, this dish is low-calorie and made with a keto-friendly recipe. Diners can savor a guilt-free experience while selecting from a variety of options including Margarita, Boscaiola, Toscano, Parma, and Vegetariana.

“We’re thrilled to announce our newest creation at Mangia – the gluten-free pizza! It’s a delicious treat that caters to dietary preferences while delivering the flavors Mangia is famous for,” says Elena Consta, Marketing Director of Mangia NYC.

Gluten Free Pizza in NYC by Mangia

Gluten Free Pizza in NYC by Mangia

Mangia NYC’s new gluten-free pizza, baked fresh in Manhattan, is easy, cheesy, and healthy, without sacrificing taste. With its high protein and fiber content, it stands as a testament to the fact that indulgence and nutrition can coexist harmoniously. This pizza redefines gluten-free dining, offering a delectable journey where flavor and well-being intertwine seamlessly.

With over 40 years of New York tradition, Mangia leads the way in emphasizing farm-to-table freshness, crafting artisanal Italian cuisine, and delivering sustainable on-demand catering. Now, the spotlight shines on the restaurant’s latest triumph: the gluten-free pizza which blends the essence of heritage with modern taste in a wholesome and flavorsome delight. They welcome diners to be a part of Mangia’s journey of excellence and try their gluten-free pizza and immerse themselves in a world of exceptional flavors at Mangia NYC.

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