Casa Mangia

Casa Mangia could literally translate into Home Eating

But there is much more to that.


Our story started in 1974, when we moved to Tuscany and became passionate about Rustic Italian Cuisine. At those times, we would spend our days baking thyme bread and making fresh pasta in the countryside with Nonas who would share their culinary secrets and allow us to write them on napkins. Little details that you would never guess that are responsible for making all the difference in taste! Those were the best times!


When we left Italy for NY and established MANGIA in 1981, our mission was to document and cook those homemade recipes that have been passed along generations.  We created an Italian market, a concept with various food stations, in which you would step foot every day for lunch and have a little bit of this and a little bit of that! Exciting new recipes to choose from every day from the antipasti, sandwich or salad stations, the hotline or pizza stations, the bakery or coffee stations! Choosing the best and freshest ingredients to cook those Mediterranean recipes, is the secret to our success! Some might call it ‘attention-to-details’ but we call it ‘our philosophy’, which made us renowned and established as the one of the largest, fast casual, farm-to-table restaurants in NYC.



Casa Mangia is the new exciting addition to the Mangia market. It is like going home to eat during your lunch break.  A small kitchen with a cozy restaurant space within Mangia’s flagship store on 57th street, that was built out of love and gratitude to our clients.  We use our kitchen counter to make fresh pasta and our oven to bake our bread as we did when in Tuscany. Every dish is a reflection of our passion for authentic, rustic Italian homemade cuisine. Our handpicked wine list is compiled by Italy’s best wines, small vineyards that are passed by generations.


We are grateful to welcome you to our Casa and share with you our passion for homemade food. Thank you for being part of  the Mangia family in the big City!

Casa Mangia Menu
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