Cardamom Coffee

Oct 13, 2020

Adding spices and a pinch of salt to my morning coffee pot is a habit I developed after drinking a delicious spiced Turkish coffee that companies a flaky baklava dessert. This recipe makes a delicious cup of joe to enjoy in the early hours, but it also serves as a lovely sip after dinner. I chose to use cardamom for its aroma and its slight smokiness, but you can play around with any spice that inspires you. The ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and star anise would also be wonderful.

Special equipment: Stovetop espresso coffee maker or French press

Ground coffee beans

1 cardamom pod per cup of coffee, cracked


Milk and sugar

In an espresso coffee maker or French press, brew your coffee, as usual, adding a cracked cardamom pod and pinch of salt per cup to the ground coffee before brewing. Add milk d sugar to your liking. The end result should be smooth with a floral spiced aroma.

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