The Best Lunch Delivery in NYC

If you’ve been searching for something that’s both fresh and easy for lunch delivery, Mangia is your new best friend! Although we are best known for our gourmet Italian-style pizza, our all-natural ingredients and authentically prepared dishes don’t stop there. Mangia has curated only the most nourishing and tasty lunch staples for our menu, giving you plenty of options along with the ease of ordering online or over the phone!

Lunch Delivery

Lunch Delivery

A signature favorite here at Mangia is our delicious and convenient box lunch deliveries. Each box is healthy and satisfying, giving you the necessary fuel to take on the rest of your day – no lunchtime sleepiness or disgusting feeling from greasy, heavy food. Our lunch boxes are easy enough to be your daily lunch delivery, with enough variety to satisfy any craving or mood.

Lunch Boxes

We’ve created three customizable boxes for premier lunch delivery in NYC. Box 1 contains a sandwich and a side salad. Box 2 contains an entree, a side salad, a treat, and a drink. And box 3 includes one of our gourmet market bowls, a treat, and a drink. Our sandwich options include:

  • Smoked turkey breast with cucumbers, watercress, and herb mayonnaise all served on a
  • Herb-roasted chicken with watercress, tomato, and herb mustard all served on Tuscan
  • The Italian Hero sandwich features soppressata, salami, coppa ham, prosciutto, roasted peppers, chipotle aioli, and provolone all served on a baguette.
  • Tuscan kale with avocado, cucumber, hummus, and scallions all served on 7-grain
  • Fresh mozzarella with tomatoes, basil, black pepper, and olive oil drizzle, all served on a
  • The tuna salad sandwich includes albacore tuna, romaine, tomatoes, and watercress all served on whole wheat sourdough bread.

Our entree options bring you a freshly cooked meal for those days that you’d like something a little bit more gourmet. For our entree box, you can choose from the following:

  • Herb-roasted chicken
  • Grilled salmon
  • Penne alla Vodka

Lunch Sides For Delivery

For the sides, we include a fresh and diverse mix of vegetables for a beautifully delicious salad. You’ll get your choice of the following:

  • Mixed field greens with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, and balsamic
  • Caesar, which contains romaine lettuce, shaved parmigiano, croutons, and homemade caesar dressing.
  • Kale with butternut squash, dried cranberries, toasted almonds, parmigianom, and lemon

As you can see, our lunch boxes are perfect for those looking for gluten-free lunch delivery, healthy lunch delivery, or simply something local, fast, and fresh. Even though they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we’d have to say lunch is up there on the top of the list, too. That’s why we use quality organic ingredients for each recipe. A good lunch is essential for pushing through the rest of the day on a high note.

Lunch delivery from Mangia is ideal for corporate offices and companies that don’t have easy access to fresh and affordable food. Therefore, we’ll happily cater your lunch, whether it’s for large corporate events or the small team of workers currently at the office. By receiving a box lunch delivery, you and your peers will receive a sealed and sanitary meal. Plus, there is little to no clean-up and minimal garbage waste.

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