Mangia’s philosophy is based on a very simple mission,
namely a passion for rustic, great-tasting food:

  • Source the best, freshest ingredients and buy local and organic, when possible;
  • Instill in our chefs a profound respect for the ingredients to ensure the high standards of freshness which Mangia holds dear;
  • Practice the mantra of “less is more,” i.e., surrender to the raw beauty of the ingredients and shun overly decorated and stylized food;
  • Prepare food daily from scratch so that it is only hours old (freezing and leftover food is not permitted — which is the reason why we donate leftovers to charity);
  • Serve food at room temperature (when appropriate). We are able to achieve this by continually replenishing the platters on our antipasti bar to shine the best light on each dish and to coax the most flavor out of each ingredient;
  • Create a stylish, yet rustic and simple ambiance — a reflection of the food offered — in which our customers can savor Mangia’s offerings;
  • Prepare bakery products around the clock so that our breads, muffins, scones, cookies, macarons, pastries and cakes are virtually “hot from the oven”;
  • Tantalize our customers’ palates with a dazzling choice of options to satisfy a wide range of tastes each time they walk into our stores;
  • Use only the highest quality La Colombe coffee, prepared by our Italian barristas, in our authentic cappuccinos, espressos, cortados, americanos, lattes and drip coffees.