Corporate Responsibility

Mangia is committed to growing its business in an ethical and responsible manner through mutual trust and respect with the environment, the community in which it serves, its employees, customers, and suppliers. The quality of these relationships drives the success of our company. We recognize that our activities affect the society in which we do business.

Mangia strives to maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity in its operations, respecting the rule of law, human dignity and the rights of the individual. We also aim for safe and healthy working environments, while focusing on reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

Mangia strives, to the best of our ability, to develop food industry business practices currently and in the near future that support:

• Purchasing from local providers
• Sustainable farming
• Organic produce
• Cage-free naturally raised animal products
• Hormone and antibiotic-free meats
• Dairy products free from fillers
• Products made from recyclable materials
• Sustainable energy sources
• Waste reduction and recycling
• Chemical and pollution reduction
• Composting
• Water efficiency
• Preservation and protection of the environment